Good ideas evolve from good dialogue. We carry out the proprietary development of various tools that support active discussions and smooth progress and are intended to enhance the quality of your ideas. We deliver the most effective tools that are designed to suit various styles of joint development and thought processes, including convergence and divergence.

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The talking card can be used to create a harmonious atmosphere. It will naturally ease tensions, even among members meeting for the first time and be an ideal tool for warming-up before brainstorming.


The talking card does not merely promote communications. It enables others to understand the presenter’s way of thinking, which is how the presenter develops their ideas. Teams can achieve tighter solidarity through deeper mutual understanding.


※ You can download the Japanese Talking card from this page.

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Inspiration cards depict hints that can be used for brainstorming. This encourages members to synthesize ideas from various viewpoints. Even people that are not used to coming up with ideas on their own will be able to smoothly create ideas as they will be inspired by the illustration and keywords written on the cards.


The inspiration cards also serve as an ice breaking tool. The team creates its own story based on the illustrations on the cards. In addition to easing tensions among members, this acts as a warming-up exercise for creating high quality ideas.